Our Goals and Core Values


Mahatma Gandhi University is an innovative and socially responsive academic institution, known for high-quality education for all across the globe. We create, preserve and disseminate the relevant knowledge for making sustainable impact in the related knowledge areas.


Spreading knowledge and innovation in creating and restructuring a model system of education and in this direction MGU provides excellent graduate, post-graduate and professional education for the well-being of human kind.

As our strategic intent is to develop the future managers from a well-organized education society, we incorporate the core ideologies and envisage future to explore the hidden talents of our learners. The mission of our university is to help learners walk on the path of knowledge and to explore the road of creativity with zeal and enthusiasm.

Core Values

The following 'Core Values' are in integral part of MGU's culture:

  • Acting with honesty and integrity;
  • Being transparent in all our activities;
  • Accountable to our stakeholders;
  • Responsible towards the changing priorities and needs;
  • Driven by global sustainable development priorities.