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Diploma in Venture Capital - Finance Management

Program Overview
  • 10th Pass


  • 36


  • 6 Months


  • ₹ 12000

    Programme Fees

  • $ 200

    Programme Fees

When a business is starting or expanding, one of the ways that it can secure financing is by securing venture capital. The role of the venture capital analyst is to determine which companies money should be invested in. Since venture capital analysts deal with large sums of money and investments that are considered risky, they must do a lot of research. Their tasks include assessing financial reports, business records and other relevant data. They also talk to people who work for the company. This can include questioning managers, owners and employees. Once they've assessed all relevant information they make a decision about whether or not to invest in the business. Their objective is to produce revenue for their clients by selecting the right high-risk investments to generate the highest potential returns on their investment.
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