Programme Overview

Diploma in Mass Communication - Skill Set & Vocational

Program Overview
  • 10th Pass


  • 36


  • 6 Months


  • ₹ 16000

    Programme Fees

  • $ 200

    Programme Fees

"Media has since aeons played an important role in guiding the citizens keeping them up-to-date about the happenings in the society. Knowing the power of journalism and mass communication as an important tool to connect to the audience, there are courses which are offered in the field for preparing students to become eminent journalists and explore the field of mass communication. The program of Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication is an integrated study of media and the nuances of journalism. The students are introduced to the different dimensions of media field ranging from writing, radio and television, public relations and advertising. Candidates are skilled in each aspect of communication and are provided with an intrinsic view of the subject in detail by applying different mediums of study tools. This program can be pursued by students after the completion of their 12th grade. This proves to be beneficial for candidates who wish to establish their career in the field of media and take up future studies specializing in various niches of the field. The curriculum comprises of coursework, projects, and theory. Through the program of Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, aspirants are taught the fundamentals of journalism field including writing, editing, presenting radio and principles of television. After the completion of the diploma level course, students can further pursue bachelor's degree in mass media, masters in journalism and mass communication and conduct research. Students having gained an overall exposure into the field are independent to choose the genre where they seek to explore their career. They are trained to get an insight into their strengths and weakness, polish their communication skills and shed their stage phobia. After the completion of the course, they can go on to become content creators, journalists, public relations personnel and News readers at eminent publications and channels. The overall aim of the course is to bring out the best in the students and make them choose the right path of career based on their aptitude."
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