Programme Overview

Post Graduate Diploma in International Trade Management - Finance Management

Program Overview
  • Graduate in any Stream


  • 120


  • 24 Months


  • ₹ 60000

    Programme Fees

    ₹ 5000

    Admission Fee

    ₹ 1500

    Exam Fee per sem

  • $ 1500

    Programme Fees

    $ 100

    Admission Fee

    $ 50

    Exam Fee per sem

"Spread across four semesters, the detailed course structure will cover trading policies, exchange of capital, producing and sourcing goods and services from across the globe. Extensive and comprehensive courseware meets the demands of the ever-changing global standard. Analyse world trade, exchange of capital, trade promotion, policies and strategies at the regional, national and global level. Learn the fundamentals of risk management for foreign policies, emerging global businesses, foreign exchange, as well as assess the impact on the political and legal environment. Obtain necessary skills to assess trade issues, source and produce goods, understand draft policy documents for the international market as well as develop trade management processes. Identify concepts for cross-border trading and taxes as well as factors affecting global businesses."
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