Programme Details

Master of Arts in (Boro/Garo/Assamese/Khasi/Hindi) (M.A.)

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  • Tuition Fees
    ₹ 20,000/- Per Semester
Note: Note: Admission fee (INR 12,000), Exam fee (INR 3,000) and Cultural and Sports fee (INR 1000) would be charged separately.

Mahatma Gandhi University is a global university with the most remarkable and distinctive strength in education and entrepreneurship. Our prime objective is to educate the aspirants of the society as well as help learners to walk on the path of knowledge and explore the roads of creativity with zeal and enthusiasm. We also enable an excellent learning environment to our students. A vast infrastructure along with the most knowledgeable faculty, capable of conducting classes from Bachelors degree till research level, is the kind of environment any young student can perceive here. At MGU, we conduct various seminars and workshops for the students which give them ample opportunities to apply their creativity and intelligence in different ventures, which eventually prepares them to conquer the competitive world outside. Along with its vast course structure, MGU is also a centre for Language Studies. It offers courses in Language Studies for the following languages: 1. Boro: The Department of Boro Language Studies, develops and enhances the student?s language proficiency, language ability and communication skills. The basic motive of the department is to make all students acquainted with the language and literature of the Boro community through a relevant study of the development of Boro Language and literature since the early period till the present age. The various extra-curricular activities with an academic base within the department such as seminars, group discussion, helps in preparing future scholars. This course will enable the students to improve their cultural awareness, develop their adaptability and make them more confident, effective communicator. 2. Garo: The Department of Garo Language Studies aims at offering a better language ability and knowledge of the Garo community. The basic objective of the department is to enable the students to become familiar with the language and various phases of literary development of the Garo literature since the early times till the present age. The various extra-curricular activities with an academic base within the department, such as seminars, group discussion, renders better knowledge, communication and language ability. 3. Assamese: The Department of Assamese undertakes relevant and innovative study in Assamese language, literature, culture in their varied dimensions. It provides the students with a deep insight into the Assamese language literature, culture and tradition from their early development to the present age. It enables the students to develop their language proficiency as well as a sensitivity towards the culture and linguistic diversity of the Assamese people. The various extra-curricular activities with an academic base within the department, such as seminars, group discussion, helps in nurturing future scholars. 4. Khasi: Khasi writing is in an advancing stage bestowing learning to the students for the facilitation of the Khasi language and writing with the difference in time. The course is additionally making ready for different points of view, in the fields of Broad communications and interchanges, broadcasting, film and narrative film, news-casting, interpretations, production as such. The degree course in Khasi, would give new desires to the students to seek after higher secondary examinations and specializations. The region for research work in the Khasi language and writing, for example, Semantics, Folkloristic and culture is immense for future effective researchers. Their accomplishments in various fields would thusly be significant commitments to the advancement of Khasi language and writing. 5. Hindi: Bachelor of Arts in Hindi or BA in Hindi in a 3 year requires the minimum eligibility of class 12th. The course primarily involves the study of literature, linguistics and philosophies of the Hindi language. Subjects enclosed within the program are Hindi Poetry, Drama, Fiction, Literary Criticism, Literary History etc. Hindi, besides English, is that the solely alternative language of communication approved to be used in the Central Government?s correspondence of the country. This ensures masses career opportunities in the government sector for graduate and postgraduates of the course. Hindi spans classes like Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Aesthetics, Science, Commerce, Official and Media Languages and Translated Material.

Programme Information

  • Session: 2020
  • Last Date To Apply: 30-Aug-2020
  • Course Duration: Min. 2 Years & Max. 4 Years
  • Total Credits: 135
  • Eligibility Criteria: Graduation in any stream or equivalent