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Certificate in Tourism and Travel management - Aviation & Hospitality & Tourism

Program Overview
  • 10th Pass


  • 12


  • 2 Months


  • ₹ 6000

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  • $ 100

    Programme Fees

"Tourism and Travel sector is developing at a decent pace in India. The Government is giving much significance to tourism area. Numerous plans and activities have been planned and created by the Government, remembering tourism sector in mind. Tourism sector will hire numerous Indian nationals and help produce more income. With the expansion in the extent of this sector, the tourism industry is additionally going to require the expanded number of qualified Tourism and Travel experts.The field of Tourism and Travel fundamentally deals with hospitality management, taking care of tourists, tour management, travel management etc. It offers various job opportunities. India is a well-known tourist place. Cultural, heritage and medical tourists throng Indian tourist places every year. Tourism and Travel management experts may manage the travel modes, accommodation, tour program and generally stay of travellers and tourists in India. Not just in India, tourism and travel experts may likewise play out the above-mentioned tasks abroad, where they may take Indian nationals on tours. This course is an entry-level certificate program that opens entryways into the energizing universe of Tourism and Travel. The course concentrates on the fundamentals of the Tourism and Travel industry and comprehends what it takes to become a successful travel specialist. Candidates can learn how to give the superior flight, accommodation, hotels and tour options, and how to make sure clients fulfil all required travel needs. The Certificate Course in Travel Management prepares the candidates for the management profile in the travel sector. The course is appropriate to know the fundamental connections between the specialized areas tourism and travel management, presenting the strategies of economics and business studies, particularly business management studies and preparation for a professional occupation or a subsequent (consecutive) Masterís degree course. Candidate should have decent communication skills and presentation skills that are most important part of the industry. Candidate should also have the ability to handle tourists, aptitude for languages and verbal fluency. Candidate should be up-to-date with information on available facilities and services in the sector."
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