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Certificate in Tourism and Hotel management - Aviation & Hospitality & Tourism

Program Overview
  • 8th Pass


  • 12


  • 2 Months


  • ₹ 6000

    Programme Fees

  • $ 100

    Programme Fees

"Tourism and hospitality is a field in which a variety of disciplines are studied and brought together to create a solid understanding of the service industry. As part of a global market that changes regularly, it is important to be aware of travel trends and the impact that a small change can make within the entire industry. What is a Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality? This certificate focuses on concentrations that are currently in demand, creating a specialized niche for those wanting to further their career in the service industry. It allows the student to develop their skills and knowledge in capacities that are instrumental in their chosen area. The benefits of acquiring a Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality include learning more about planning and how to make correct decisions for situations that are often presented without warning. Students learn how to predict upcoming trends, allowing them to better create an environment that best suits their clientele. They can also increase their knowledge base concerning event planning, management, operations, organizing financials, marketing, and legal aspects of tourism and hospitality. Different academic institutions may vary in cost based on the time frame expected to fulfill requirements, as well as the schoolís location. Before applying for a Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality, thoroughly research the school and the length of time it will take for the preferred program. With a Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality an individual can either branch into or further their career in a position as a facilities manager or as the manager of a resort or other similar establishment. It can boost those who work within the industry in the legal realm, helping to keep ahead of new developments to understand potential legal pitfalls that may come along with those changes. A certificate of this type can also give marketers and operations managers a competitive edge."
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