Masters of Science in Medical Lab Technology



DURATION: Min. Duration 2 Years, Max. Duration 4 Years

ELIGIBILITY: BScMLT/BScBT/BScCMB/BScBI/BSc(Biology)/BSc(Nursing)or equivalent

The objective of offering Masters of Science in Medical Lab Technology is to quipped the graduates to become a leader in in healthcare, helping to guide medical laboratory professionals into the future.Also the demand for, laboratory testing increasing each year, a significant need exists for MLT professionals, but particularly for individuals with advanced technical knowledge, research skills, management skills, and leadership abilities.And this programme is basically designed to provide practicing medical laboratory scientists with upgrades on their area of practice. On successful completion of this course, graduates may pursue a full-time research option, possibly leading on to a PhD.

Semester 1

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MSCMLT11 Human Anatomy and Physiology-I 3
MSCMLT12 Basics of Biochemistry and Instrumentation 3
MSCMLT13 Introductory Biology 3
MSCMLT14 L Management Lab 3
MSCMLT15 P Biology Practical 3
MSCMLT16 P Biology Project 3
Total Credits 18

Semester 2

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MSCMLT21 Instrumentation 3
MSCMLT22 Human Anatomy and Physiology-II 3
MSCMLT23 Blood Banking 3
MSCMLT24 Histopathology 3
MSCMLT25 P Ethics Practical 3
MSCMLT26 P Instrumentation Practical 3
Total Credits 18

Semester 3

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MSCMLT31 Clinical Biochemistry 3
MSCMLT32 Clinical Haematology 3
MSCMLT33 Diagnostic Microbiology 3
MSCMLT34 Immunology 3
MSCMLT35 P Clinical Haematology Project 6
Total Credits 18

Semester 4

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MSCMLT41 Bacteriology 3
MSCMLT42 Virology & Mycology 3
MSCMLT43 Parasitology 3
MSCMLT44 Dignostic Microbiology 3
MSCMLT45 P Bacteriology Practical 3
MSCMLT46 P Project Report 3
Total Credits 18

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