Masters of Science in BioTechnology


Programe Coordinator: Nikhat Naseem
DURATION: Min. Duration 1 Years, Max. Duration 2 Years
ELIGIBILITY: BScMLT/BScBT/BScCMB/BScBI/BSc (Biology)/BSc (Nursing) or equivalent

Masters in Bio technology imparts thorough understanding of Biotechnology concepts with the perfect blending of theoretical and practical knowledge. The programme aims to develop Biotech professionals understanding the top entrepreneurial enterprises requirements. It trains and updates scientific knowledge and skills required for a research fellow in Bio-Science. It gives the knowledge of major discipline likes Bioinformatics, Micro Biology, Molecularbiology and Biochemistry. The students after completing this course can further go for doctoral degree programme in Biotechnology.

Semester 1

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MSCBT11 Introductory Biology 3
MSCBT12 Molecular Biology - 1 3
MSCBT13 Bioenergetics & Metabolism 3
MSCBT14 Microbiology 3
MSCBT15 P Practical 6
Total Credits 18

Semester 2

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MSCBT21 Bio Physical Chemistry & Instrumentation 3
MSCBT22 Enzymology & Enzyme Technology 3
MSCBT23 Bio-Informatics 3
MSCBT24 Molecular Biology-2 3
MSCBT25 P Practical 6
Total Credits 18

Semester 3

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MSCBT31 Immunology 3
MSCBT32 Plant Biotechnology 3
MSCBT33 Environmental Biotechnology 3
MSCBT34 Bioprocess Engineering & Technology 3
MSCBT35 P Practical 6
Total Credits 18

Semester 4

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MSCBT41 Biostatistics 3
MSCBT42 Animal Biotechnology 3
MSCBT43 P Practical 6
MSCBT44 P Project-Viva 6
Total Credits 18

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Masters of science in Biotechnology


Programe Code:1014
Duration:2 Years
Eligibility Criteria: B.Sc. any stream


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