Masters of Arts in VFX and Animation



DURATION: Min. Duration 2 Years, Max. Duration 4 Years

ELIGIBILITY: Graduation in any stream or equivalent

This programme of Masters of Arts in VFX Animation focuses towards high-end computer garphics, animation and visual effects training services. MGU is determined to provide students with vast options to pursue his domain of interest and develop a strong skill base around it. This program carefully designed to match industry needs as well as individual career goals.The program is well suited for highly rewarding careers in Media and Entertainment, which is a booming industry with varied job openings.

Semester 1

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MAVFXA11 Development With Traditional And Digital Art 3
MAVFXA12 Script Writing & Story Board Designing 3
MAVFXA13 Advanced Digital Art Photography Part-(1&2) 3
MAVFXA14 Advance Digital Enhancement 3
MAVFXA15 Enhancement of editing 3
MAVFXA16 P Practical on Digital Arts 3
Total Credits 18

Semester 2

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MAVFXA21 Introduction and Advancement of Next-Gen 3D 3
MAVFXA22 Introduction & Advancement of 3D design 3
MAVFXA23 Next-Gen Character Design 3
MAVFXA24 Introduction of UV layouts and texturing 3
MAVFXA25 Advance Character Setup and Animation 3
MAVFXA26 P Practical on Character Design, UV layouts and texture. 3
Total Credits 18

Semester 3

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MAVFXA31 Advance Animation and VFX 3
MAVFXA32 Advance Techniques of Texturing & Lighting 3
MAVFXA33 Production techniques of Lighting 3
MAVFXA34 Intro of Dynamics I 3
MAVFXA35 Art of Integration - Dynamics II 3
MAVFXA36 P Practical on Character animation, Dynamics, texturing and Lighting 3
Total Credits 18

Semester 4

Cours Code Subjects Credits
MAVFXA41 Advance Rendering 3
MAVFXA42 Introduction of Compositing I 3
MAVFXA43 3D Tracking & Match Moving 3
MAVFXA44 P Practical on 3D tracking, Match moving and Compositing. 3
MAVFXA45 P Final Project 6
Total Credits 18

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