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Mr. Anurag Singh Thakur

Member of Parliament (LOK SABHA)

I am extremely glad to know that the Meghalaya Government has established the "Mahatma Gandhi University" and starting various technical, professional and skill development courses with new latest technology.

The present century is of knowledge society and we are at present in the age of digitization. As such both of them have to conjoin and work with both the hands together. Knowledge governs and conditions our lives in many discernible and subtle ways.

The wealth of a nation consists in the number of educated men and women in its harbours. In a competitive world where global market share is determining winners and losers among nations, it has become increasingly necessary to ensure that, besides a sound education, our students have the ability to engage and win in the global context.

Having embraced the glory of reason, believing that Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is Safety and Knowledge is Happiness. We understand that the Institute can be a powerful force a place where thinking people ean act and interact, not just to share old knowledge but, to make new knowledge. And, in the course of makin2, new knowledge, these people are themselves remade and transformed. They become leaders-not just capable students, not just competent workers but, men and women with ideas of their own, ready to change the landscape of the future.

I wish them Good Luck!

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