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Dr. S.K. Singh

Professor of Management, Head & Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, (Varanasi)

Socio-economic development of any society is the fruit of collective interventions in the Education sector. While primary and secondary levels education prepares the upcoming generations to take up future challenges, it is the higher education at the University level that decides the direction of future growth of the society. One of the biggest challenges faced by institutions of higher education across globe is to design an educational structure that can withstand the ever changing socio-cultural landscapes and enable the community it is serving to march ahead well with the time. The new generation-institutions always come up with great potential of meeting out this challenge.

I am extremely glad to hear about the constitution of a new University, Mahatma Gandhi University, in Meghalaya. The catchments area of this new University genuinely deserves special attention as regards developmental planning. The social responsibility, this new institution carrying, is extremely high. I am confident that being a new generation institution, Mahatma Gandhi University of Meghalaya will be able to effectively cope up with the challenges it face in transforming the society and will be able to disseminate education across known disciplines to the deserving younger generation of the country especially that of the North-Eastern region.

My best wishes for the entire staff members of the University. Hoping the see the University scaling new elevations and making remarkable contributions towards socio-economic well-being of the region.

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