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Prof. D.S. Chauhan

Vice Chancellor, Uttarakhand Technical University

The enrollment ratio in higher education in India is close to 10.5% against the average International enrollment ration of 53%. It implies that 89.5% youth does not pursue higher education which is a big challenge for a highly populated and fastly developing country like India.

The Government of India has targeted to increase the Gross Enrollment Ration (GER) to 25%. This implies that we need to double our capacity for higher education. Besides other steps to achieve the above, the Government of India is also planning to increase more higher education institution to achieve this target from present 25% to 40%, thus there is a need of Universities.

We need to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth in education, skill development, health care, energy, agriculture and infrastructure. New solutions are required in many areas to reach such targets in expedient ways and making a good university is good solution.

I am happy that Mahatma Gandhi University is fast emerging as the leader in starting unique integrated and innovative programmes in Technology, Skill development, multimedia, Journalism Mass Communication and computer application.

We desire to accelerate quality intensive knowledge flow on the campus and ensure holistic development of our students intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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