Special Camp organised by National Service Scheme Unit

  • 18th- 24th May, 2019
  • Jorbil Village of Meghalaya

The National Service Scheme Unit of Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) organised its first Special Camp from 18th- 24th May, 2019 at the Jorbil Village of Meghalaya, which is the adopted village of NSS, MGU. The camp was organised by the NSS Unit of Mahatma Gandhi University comprised of Ms. Bhaswati Sarmah, Program Coordinator and Ms. Jahnavi Phukan, Program Officer.

The Camp started on 18th May, 2019 with the cleanliness drive program in the adopted village. The students along with the concerned NSS officials and the Assistant Registrar of Admin Andrew Nelson Sawian went to the adopted village and along with the help of the village headman conducted the cleanliness drive.

On 19th May, 2019 the NSS group conducted the Plantation program in the village. Each volunteer brought saplings of various plants and flowers and planted it around the village premise and distributed some saplings among the villagers. On the same day the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan unit of the university distributed dustbins in the village.

On the third and fourth day, the unit organised Free Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment Camp. On the very program, the university faculties of Physiotherapy Dr. Abhishek Das and Dr. Sania Rizvi Yashar joined the camp along with the students. The physiotherapy students of the NSS unit operated the entire program with the help of other NSS Volunteers.

On 22nd May, the Unit organised one interaction program with the villagers to now about their problems and challenges and to work for the solution of their problems in the near future.

The Legal Aid camp was organised on 23rd-24th May, 2019 which was the last program of the special camp. In the program, Dr. Mukul Goswami and Mrs. Mousumi G Dutta aided as Legal Advisors. On the first day, the students formed different groups headed by students from law department and collected data from the households. On the next and last day, the legal aid meeting was held in the community hall of the village where the legal advisors discussed the problems of the villagers and made them aware of the different laws available in Indian judicial system and advised them to approach to the university law department if they need.

Though the camp was organised for one week, but because of the unavailability of place to stay the unit everyday used to go to the village and came back to the campus. Total 52 volunteers have joined the camp and conducted various activities in the adopted village. The camp became successful because of the active participation of the volunteers with the help of village headman of Jorbil Village and other villagers. Along with the Physiotherapy and Law faculties of the university, other faculty members Mamata Pandit, Dr. Arfan Hussain provided their helping hand in the organisation of the camp. The Special Camp of NSS ended on 24th May and it gave a lifelong experience to all the NSS Volunteers along with the NSS Officials.